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Our Company provides the following technologies to enhance living quality and to protect environment.      

Environment Technologies Products

MSW Mechanical Biological Treatment Technologies
For treating solid wastes

Why take the trouble to sort out the household wastes when our technology provide you with the following process:
waste sorting , anaerobic digestion, composting and RDF production , which maximize the value of waste streams by recycling the most useful material in the waste and converting the organic compound in the waste into energy. At the same time, these technologies can minimize the environmental impact, preserving the land we live on and the air we breathe.

Sewage Wastewater Sludge Carbonizing System

What is Sludge?
Sewage sludge originates from the process of wastewater treatment. It contains high concentrations of bacteria, pathogens, and other micro-organisms which is dangerous and unhealthy to our health and environment if not treated properly.

Etan-Tomoe sludge carbonizing system provides a perfect solution. This advanced system is space-saving and can carbonize sludge at high speed continuously. The final product is odourless and chemically stable, which can be reused in many industries.

Water Technologies Products

Do you get worried when Hand Foot Mouth disease is spreading at your childcare centres, kindergartens and schools? Learning from the Japanese practices in their schools, proper disinfection water systems for staff and students personal hygiene is the key to disease free environment. Our Electrolysis Ionized Soft Acidic Water System is capable of providing you with better hygienic environment to minimize the potential spread of diseases.

Electrolysis Ionized Soft Acidic Water System
We have a range of acidic water systems that produce sterilizing and disinfecting water that can be used in many places.

Electrolysis Ionized Alkaline Water System
Alkaline water is a “health functional” water that helps to enhance the human digestive and immune systems, maintains healthy balance of acidity in human body hence reduce fatigue and oxidation. Etan supplies the world class home-used alkaline water machine as well as Industrial-used high volume alkaline water systems for bottled alkaline water production.
This Machine besides provide you with alkaline water, it also provide you with acidic water , purified water and the normal tap water.

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